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Are bugs drawn to you, no matter where ya go?  Are you the one swatting the bugs away while everyone else is at play?  Well take heart, have we got help for you!

Next time you are outside, sitting on the veranda, sipping something cold to drink, grab a bottle of Skeeter Beeter and keep those pesky bugs away! 

Legal Notice:  THIS IS NOT a repellent.  Now... to get on with what's in here...we use a base of fractionated Coconut Oil, and add to that Lemon Tea Tree Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, and Patchouli Essential Oil.

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Brusuelas
Skeeter Beater

Love this product. My daughter is allergic to mosquitos, she used it the other night and didn't have any problems with any bugs! They only thing was when we got the product it did leak in the package a little. Other than that I will be recommending this product to everyone I know!

Meaghin W.
Pretty darn effective!

I got this in July, but wanted time to test it out before reviewing. It’s now October and the weather is great, so I’ve been spending more time outdoors and unfortunately the mosquitos haven’t died off yet in Louisiana. Sitting on my patio with a citronella candle burning this evening, I was getting eaten up by the jerks. I went inside to apply the Skeeter Beeter and I haven’t been bothered since! I typically apply small amounts in a circle around my ankles & wrists, on the small of my back, and on the bottom of my neck when I go on walks and I never get bothered. Today I went a little extra and also applied it behind my knees, a line on the back of my thighs, & on the sides of my neck (like perfume). Works like a charm and the smell/residue is MUUUCH better than typical bug spray, so I highly recommend it! Definitely plan on buying more when this runs off!!

Tommie S.
Love it

I use it when gardening in the yard. I am prone to bug bites, but if I put this product on my wrists, ankles and neck with long sleeved shirt and pants, no bites. Thank you for a great product.

Patricia S.
Love the smell!

I love the way it smells and if it keeps the bugs off so much the better. I discovered Skeeter Beeter in Mississippi and shared it with my travelling companions and it seemed to do the trick!