About The Purple Sage

Sandy Engels

Here’s what I have discovered about the sage inside of me:

  1. The Sage inside will never come out unless invited.
  2. The Sage inside will never come out in a crowded room.
  3. The Sage inside will only speak to you if she knows you are listening.

I created this line of products so that you would be able to listen and benefit from the sage inside of you.

You need to slow down!

The sage inside wonders where you’ve been and why you’re not taking time for “me”.

The sage inside even wonders why you’re running around worried about your empty nest?

The sage inside is not going to bully you and say let me out.

Nor will the sage guilt you.

As soon as you quite yourself…the sage shows up.

So if you are wondering why you feel like your nest is empty and not full, maybe it’s because you are not listening to the sage inside of you.

My products will help you slow down and find and listen to the sage inside of you.

When you bring out the sage inside, you began to feather your full nest. And a full nest is a happy nest.

A little bit about me…

I’m a true Southern girl with a bit of sass, wisdom, and rebel! I have been married to my best friend and motorcycle riding buddy, Jae, for over 35 years.

Yeah right, I know I am not old enough to be married that long….but I have!

We have 2 grown children, 1 daughter in law and 1 awesome little grandson.

Just like many Southern gals, we live in the country with a loyal bloodhound, numerous cats, seasonal hummingbirds, a few ducks, and my purple motorcycle (that’s my rebel; it’s a huge bike for a little thing like me!).

We are loving having a full nest.

I think slowing down first to find out who you are again so that you can feather your nest and make it full of life again is so very important.

Sandy Engels


The ritual of bathing…going behind closed doors with no interruptions has allowed me to slow down and let the sage inside, come out – and I know it can for you too!