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-Are you ready to discover the sage inside? Come along on the journey. Wonder thru each collection to find your sage inside.-


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Are you one of those people that bugs just seem to be drawn to?  No matter where ya go, you are the one swatting the bugs.  Well take heart, have we got help for you. Next time you are outside, sitting on the veranda, sipping something cold to drink, grab...
Every one deserves to have kissy lips. You owe it to your lips to use this Lip Balm year round.  Your lips will thank you.  So will whomever you are kissing...I promise I won't tell. You can even use before putting on lip stick. Made with: Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Beeswax,...
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We love to tickle your feet.  Lend your feet a helping hand with this moisturizing, cooling and refreshing blend of butters and peppermint essential oil. This awesome blend is like magic after you coat your feet with it and slip on a pair of socks.  If you are on your...