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Balance Collection

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This is your one-stop shopping for the Balance Collection.

We are all looking for balance.

Sometimes I think a balanced life is an oxymoron…I mean really is there ever really any balance in our lives? Yes, I think there is, but it is a rare bird for sure. Some days we seem to have it so together, and that feels like balance. Other days…well, we have all had them, better just to stay in bed under the covers. Can you relate?

Live through the good days and the bad days. Strive for balance, but don’t get caught up in perfection, balance it’s really a delicate thing to achieve.

Start your own journey of experiencing joy with balance in the present moment with this collection.

In each Balance Collection you will find:

1- 16 oz Bottle of Balance Bubbleaux

1- 8 oz Bottle of Balance Lotion

1- 4.5 oz Balance Bar Soap

1- 2 oz Balance on-the-go lotion

This is a balanced blend of Lavender, Rosemary, with a bit of Patchouli tossed in. Don’t let the Patchouli scare ya, it adds depth to the awesome blend.

Customer Reviews

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Kelly A.
Nicely packaged for a gift!

Love the balanced scent. Purchased as a gift set as a token of appreciation to recognize someone’s hard work in trying times. Fast delivery. Great customer service. Already put together nicely for gifting purposes!

So relaxing

Just what I needed: a relaxing bath to take away the stress. The scent is divine, and the bubbleaux is bubbly, silky, and luxurious.