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This is your one-stop shopping for the Courage Collection.

Are you plagued with doubt but still determined to forge ahead?

It takes courage to dream, to step out of your comfort zone, and to start a journey.

It took trust and the courage to dream when I started The Purple Sage. 

The inspiration for the Courage Collection is from a wonderful group of like-minded business owners that I meet with once a year somewhere in the Caribbean. We meet up to get away from the everyday grind of business, to find a place to relax and work on growing our businesses. This wonderful group of ladies give me inspiration and courage.

Discovering My Courage..

I made a commitment to take the cruise…y'all, it was my first cruise ever! Out of my comfort zone, and with my first roomy canceling, I felt truly alone. But fate had another plan, two women I had never met needed a roommate. Scared as hell, I said 'Yes'. Finding my courage changed me, and made for one hell of a great trip.

Cruising in the Caribbean, I fell in love with the color of the ocean, it was such a gorgeous blue-green, so clean and clear, just beautiful.

I knew I had to make a soap to mark this milestone in my life.

All of these events took courage... courage to step out, courage to meet new people, and courage to look fear in the face and laugh…maybe a hysterical laugh, but still a laugh. We all have courage…sometimes we just have to dig a little deeper to find it, but it’s there. Now I get to share my courage with you.

Grab your own collection to find your courage and live your life.

In each Courage Collection you will find:

1- 16 oz Bottle of Courage Bubbleaux

1- 8 oz Bottle of Courage Lotion

1- 4.5 oz Bar of Courage Soap

1- 2 oz Courage Lotion for on-the-go

Customer Reviews

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Terry L.
Cannot get enough

I actually discovered this in a little shop in a town in Louisiana. I cannot get enough. I love the soap and am so glad I found the lotion as well. Just the most amazing scent. :heart:️