Wisdom Comes with Maturity

Wisdom comes with maturity


Wow, just wow! This really makes me realize that Wisdom does come with maturity.⁠

Do you remember sunbathing with baby oil? Or what about coco butter? I did that just a few times, and every time I got burnt. Then I tried straight up coco butter...yep, burnt with that too. I'm thinking maybe it was the oil/butter and not just the sun. ⁠

Do you remember transistor radios? Of course I had a transistor radio. It was silver and had a black case to protect it. If I remember correctly, it was so hard to get a signal, we only had AM back then. But hey they were portable and played music from the AM radio station.⁠

Do you remember Sun-In? OMGosh, I thought I was so cool "coloring" my own hair. All I had to do was wet my hair, spray this stuff in, comb it and sit out in the sun. And it worked...sorta. Funny side story, my boyfriend at the time (he's now my hubby of 39 years) tried it too. He wasn't at the beach like I was, so he used a hair dryer...besides, it said you could and it would work just as well. Well, um it didn't work as well...he ended up with the brightest orange hair! OMGosh, I wish I had pictures now that I'm thinking about it. It was so funny, he was not as amused as I was. ⁠

So I quit using all that stuff and was able to actually get a better tan on my own without burning. And I found a wonderful hair stylist that does an awesome job on my hair. Although now my hair is purple and not blonde. Oh and now I carry an apple in my pocket that is a smart phone. It can play music and make phone calls and text. Who knew? Wisdom!!!⁠

Check out the Wisdom collection and tell me if you can relate!⁠

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