When was the Last Time you Stopped to Smell the Roses

when was the last time...


A little back story

27 years ago, my family moved from the suburbs to the country. In front of our house we have huge trees near the pond. We hung a beautiful wooden swing from the trees overlooking the pond. Even on the hottest day… if you were quiet and still you can feel a slight breeze.

27 years ago, I had grand ideas for what I wanted this area to look like… a lovely reprise from the every day world.  A place to geaux and sit and just unwind.  A place with lush greenery and flowers.  I used to lay on the wooden swing to unwind from the stressors of motherhood and dream of how I wanted my yard to look.

Motherhood and Life

But alas, motherhood and life got in the way and I never did create that space… oh, yea I did try a few times to plant some azaleas, a traditional southern flowering bush.  But after several attempts over the years, sadly I only had 1 that survived. 

My beautiful old wooden swing? Well… between hurricanes , snow, and ice (yea even in south Louisiana) knocking limbs out of the trees, that wooden swing is long gone too.

Fast forward to today

Remember the pond I mentioned?  There has been a pair of Canadian geese taking up residence in the pond.  It started with one pair early this week, and today, there are 2 pairs.  I have always been fascinated with Canadian geese… I really don’t know why.  But I am.

As I was making my coffee, I noticed the geese.  And they brought some friends… 2 pair of geese. I decided to geaux sit under those trees to swing and watch the geese. 

Side note: When my daughter moved back home, guess what?  She brought a swing!  I had not used that swing until today. 

So, me and my grandson walk out to the swing to watch the geese play in the pond.  The whole walk out there, I’m telling him to shush… ya know how little boys like to talk.  I didn’t want him to scare them off.  As I sit down on the swing… it all came back… my dreams. My dreams for this area that I had forgotten while I was doing 2 decades of life… ya know, raising the kids and caring for others… yea that life.

Picture this

The sun is shining, a slight breeze, in this shady spot, no humidity and there are birds chirping, geese swimming in the pond and a sweet little boy by my side, and my warm delicious cup of coffee.  This is one of those moments where life doesn’t get any better.

When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses? 

No, I don’t have any roses, yet.  But today, I realized for me it has been way to long.  My “roses” are my long, forgotten dreams.  I think it is time to revisit those dreams and see what I can create.

How about you?  Do you have a special place you can retreat to?   What dreams have your forgotten?  What dreams do you need to remember?

Until Next Time, Blessings and Bubbles,

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