What's Your Bathing Ritual 🛁

June 14 is national bath day!

But I am declaring June national bath month (because I AM the bath girl.)

Y’all I’ve taken a bath in some very different tubs but… I never miss my bath.

One of our girls trips about four years ago was a really interesting tub. We rented a house and it was rigged to be sort of a bath and sort of a shower with shower curtains taped around it. 

And as goofy and strange as it was, I still did my bath every night.

The last several years on our trip, we rented a condo with a very luxurious bath, now we’re talkin!

When I go camping…I always take a bath.  

As you can imagine, being out in nature, you tend to get a little dirty…so a nice bath is a must for me.

When we were shopping for our camper, that was one of my requirements. 

It had to have a tub!

And lemme tell ya, most RV’s don’t have tubs, just showers.

Honestly, it’s a very small tub, but it’s still a tub and I can relax and take my  bath.  

Origins of the bath

Obviously, humans have been bathing for thousands of years. I mean let’s face it, humans are dirty creatures.

Rivers, lakes and other bodies of water were used for bathing. 

But bathing as a ritual started with ancient civilizations. 

I had to do a little research on this one.

Excavations have turned up artifacts related to ancient civilization baths sometime about 3300 or 3000 BCE.

People also gathered in baths to socialize. Think ancient Rome, ancient Greece there were bunches of people in those baths. (Me, I’m a solitary bather…but no judgment.)

And over the years, with people rushing through, well, everything (work, play, life…) showers have become the faster way to clean. 

I’m not against a hot and cleansing shower!

But I say…let’s bring bathing back!

Whether you take a hot bath to relax at the end of a long day…and it helps you sleep a little better.

Or a cold plunge to feel energized and alive first thing in the morning.

Baths are the best!

And…why not add bubbles! 

Not detergenty bubbles…they only dry out skin.

A natural shaved soap…or of course, Bubbleaux, will cleanse and relax you as you enjoy a peaceful bath.

So I’d love to hear about your bath! Even the different (even strange) places you’ve bathed!!



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  • I remember that tub!!! Great reminder to relax and let the bubbles take you away!


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