What do personal challenges and business have in common?

Well, I officially completed the 30 day Facebook live challenge.  

You may remember that I love a good challenge.  And my good friend Angela of Alegna Soap, challenged me to do 30 Facebook lives.

To be honest, it took longer than 30 days.  

When I started, I was on a roll…and then I got sick.  

Well, almost everybody got sick after we gathered for Mother’s Day. There was a nasty bug going around, funny thing was the men that got it, got over it quicker than us women…wonder why?  

This cost me 4 days.

Then I had my annual biz besties girls trip to Myrtle Beach.  

So there were 2 traveling days to get there, and 1 travel day getting home.  

And ya know it wasn’t safe to drive and do a live at the same time…so I chose to drive safely (even if it was just a little fast).

So not only am I celebrating another “out of my comfort zone” challenge, I’m celebrating the end of another birthday month!

Each year I walk away learning something new.

Let me tell you about business and friendships.

We all have our friendships…people we went to school with, people that we grew up with, people that we’ve met over the years.

Now let me tell you how different my business friendships are (being “challenged” is only part of it *wink *wink.)

As you know, I spent four days with my biz besties.

We laughed… A lot!

I went skydiving, again! (See last week’s email.)

We had our photoshoot…this year we were mermaids, that's a sneak peek above (trust me, I’ll show you more when they’re ready.)

And of course, we had a spa day.

We didn’t talk a lot about business and we didn’t mastermind all that much.

When we did talk business, it was just the right thing. I received help setting up some computer stuff, but it was nothing too heavy or deep.

We are certainly an eclectic group of businesswomen.

It’s our similarities, it’s our differences, it’s our likes, it’s our dislikes that we all put aside for these days and truly embrace the friendships.

It’s about creating a tribe of like-minded women. Women that, despite our similarities and differences, we are bonded together like glue.

I think at any one point, each one of us claims to be the quirky one. 

I guess that means we are all quirky…and that’s ok.

Learning to love one another creates a lifelong friendship. 

Something to treasure for sure in business and life.




  • The best 4 days! Fun, learning, laughter and adrenaline rush!!

  • I love that we have differences, it makes our friendship even more special. Congrats on 30 days of Facebook Lives! Now I challenge you to go on once a week for the rest of the year 😘


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