Spring fever!!

Japanese Magnolia starting to bloom

I know it’s late February, but it sure is starting to feel like Spring.

Spring fever…it starts with a little nudge then it’s a full-on shove! 

Spring fever definitely makes it hard to be inside working on anything related to work! (Though I have been making new soap for yall.) 

Ya know when you are just itching to get outside and make things look pretty again? 

That’s spring fever.

This past weekend it was so nice that I literally spent all day Saturday outside.

I cleaned around my pool deck, then I had the exhausting chore of sitting and napping in the sun. 

Sunday I washed my SUV and made it shine.

Yall, spring fever is in the air!

Here’s my Japanese Magnolia starting to peak out with her beautiful blooms.

For my yard, it’s the first thing to start blooming and that tells me spring is just around the corner.  

Speaking of blooming, my Pecan tree (remember how we say it in Louisiana…puh -CAhn) is the VERY last thing to start blooming…ALWAYS after the last frost!

And as a planner…of course I was taking pictures and notes about what I want to do with my flowerbeds. 

Everywhere you look, things are starting to budding out…getting ready to bloom.

Even at my favorite coffee shop, the drive through has some beautiful Japanese Magnolias blooming, so i get to enjoy them while I wait for my latte.


When spring fever hits you, what’s the first thing you start doing? Do you fight it, or do you go with it?  I wanna know!!



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