Sex Begins in the Kitchen


Wait…you never heard that?  Awe c'mon, I know you must have heard the saying…sex beings in the kitchen.  I know I heard it and have said it. Spending time with your mate doing things outside of the bedroom are part of what makes the bedroom time happen.  While I do agree, we are going to leave that discussion for another time.

Did you also know self care begins in the kitchen as well? 

Yep, self care is not always about slipping away, locking the door, and spending hours soaking in the tub.  While I must admit I think that is one of the best ways to practice self care, it is not the only way.

Self care is all about taking care of yourself, from the foods you eat or don’t eat.  With all the talk about Paleo, Keto, Autoimmune, Gluten free, Diary free it’s hard to know which is right.  And the answer is they are all right.  It’s not always easy to navigate the massive amounts of information to find what works for your body.  Since each body is different, a one size fits all lifestyle, just doesn’t always fit.

Changing the way you eat is a lifestyle, not a diet.  It is a commitment to yourself to not eat the processed foods, and junk.  It’s leaving behind the sugar, the fat free anything.   You have to seek out the foods that you enjoy eating that are wholesome real foods.  Nothing from a box and most jars are real food…if it has a shelf life of more than a week…I don’t consider it real food.  All of the lifestyles mentioned above require you to eat fresh veggies, some fruit, wild caught fish, grass fed beef, free range chicken, and good healthy fats.  There is plenty of these types of foods if you will just look.  Shop the outer parameter of the grocery store, this is where you will find the real food. 

So how do you practice self care from a food standpoint?  You start with small baby steps.  For instance if you are hooked on cold drinks, aka coke, sprite, pepsi, try cutting those out one at a time.  If you normally drink one at each meal, replace it with tea, or other beverage.  Oh, and hey, water is a great alternative.

Practicing food self care is not always easy, but the reward is great!  You will feel better and have more energy…and that’s worth it.

Until next time, blessings and bubbles,

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  • Maybe that’s why everyone seems to congregate in the kitchen.. :)


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