Selfcare = Unplugged

Cutting grass


Today I rediscovered how selfcare = unplugging.  Yeah I know, that sounds so boring or well duh, but let me explain.

A Little Back Story

I was a stay at home Mom while my kids were growing up.  And to help my hubby out, I would cut the grass for him. You may remember, we live in the country with a few acres of land. Truth be told, I LOVE to cut grass, even back then.  However, back then it was for a different reason…to unplug.  When you are a stay at home Mom, you always have someone calling Mama. There was rarely any quiet time or uninterrupted time for me.  In order to cut our place, you spent an hour on the riding lawn mower trimming and 4 hours on the tractor cutting the rest of the place.  Aaaah, peace and quiet…well not too quiet since the equipment was loud…but you get the picture.  Oh and the smell of fresh cut grass…take me back.

Fast Forward to today

Due to the potential for rain all week, I decided to get out and cut the grass for my hubby.  Granted it has been over 10 years since I have cut the grass…ya know the kids are grown…but I digress.  So we got a new zero turn mower last summer…and I purposely stayed away from being shown how to use this #BadBoy.  Not sure why, but I have.  Anyway, so I geaux out to the shop and figure since I used to do this, it can’t be that hard to figure out.  And ya know what?  I was right. Took me just a few minutes to familiarize myself with how this thing works…and off I went.

Then It Hit Me

As I’m getting the hang of this big bad machine…and I mean big machine, I realized how much I have missed cutting grass…for these reasons…soaking up Vitamin D, getting a tan (aka farmers tan), the smell of grass, fresh air, solitude…and just being alone outdoors, but productive.  But what I realized is that I was unplugged…and I didn’t die.  I’ve usually got my phone with me at all times…well, cause I’m a Mama and my kids might need me…NEWS FLASH…my kids don’t need me and I can live my life.

Bubbleaux Bubble Bath Time

And well, yall know it wouldn’t be a complete selfcare day if I didn’t include a Bubbleaux Bubble Bath…which I did…a nice cool bubble bath with Stress Relief Bubbleaux…now that’s the way to end a beautiful selfcare day…unplugged.

How do you unplug?


Until next time, Blessings and Bubbles,


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