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Woman lifting kettle ball


I’m about to embark on a new journey.  

And I’d love your input.

This will take some “bold” moves on my part, since I haven’t found the right fit yet.

I need to move my body more.  

I’ve been walking and while that’s good, it’s just not helping with weight and overall toning.

Yall know what I’m talking about?  

That over 50 body  

I’m not expecting to look like I’m 20 again…although if possible that would be nice. But let’s be real.

I’m intimidated to go to the gym.  

I’ve tried and it just doesn’t feel like I belong there no matter how much time I spend there. 

Ya know what I mean?

I read in our local paper about a bootcamp.  

Now to be honest, I don’t really know what a bootcamp is, so I’m thinking of checking it out to see if that feels more like I belong.  

And then there’s crossfit…do you see all the confusion?

Have you ever done a gym membership?  

Do you do the bootcamp?  

What else is out there?  

I dunno, but I’m ready to expand my knowledge, and improve my overall health.  

Onto the next journey…wanna come along? 

I welcome you to share with me what your experience has been…the good, the bad and the ugly.




  • Come checkout Anytime Fitness in St.Francisville. Their trainers are the best and will work out a program for you or
    you can come to a class. If you can’t do certain exercises they will make modifications. I go three times a week .

  • Check out Planet Fitness 30 minute or Curves workout or another facility with a similar program. It utilizes light weight machines which activate your muscles and tendons. No bootcamp – to many injuries. Even pickleball is producing a lot of injuries.

  • Reformer Pilates!! I just started back yesterday. Check out The Pilates House on FB to get an idea of it.
    The first class is free. If interested, let me know and we can go together. It is located across hwy 19 from Winn Dixie.

    Dee Fellows
  • Hey! Great minds think alike…I started back yesterday doing reformers Pilates in Zachary. My plan is to go 2-3 times a week. Go check it out on FB. She shows how the tables work.
    You work at what you can do. No one will judge! The first class is free, so let me know if interested. We can go together! Is her website that has costs.

    Dee Fellows
  • I say yay! Try something and it you don’t like it, try something else. It took me a few tries to find my thing (yoga). I’m looking forward to hearing about your journey.


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