Plate Juggler Extraordinaire... Hmm... Not so Much

plate juggler


Are you a plate juggler?

The life of a woman.. wife... mama... sister... friend seems to make us plate jugglers… Don’t you agree? 

Especially if you are an entrepreneur along with all of the other roles women have to fill.  Maybe a more common term would be SUPER WOMAN…

For me, I have finally come to the conclusion that I am not a good juggler… I tend to drop too many plates… or as my husband, Jae likes to say I overloaded my wagon. 

Yup, that is true… I mean, come on I AM SUPER WOMAN!!!!  I can do anything!!! 

Yea, wonder who fed me that line of crap? 

But seriously y'all, I think women have been towing that line for way to long.  Does that mean we can’t be all those things to everyone and more?  Heck no! 

We surely can! But there has to be... dare I say it… balance?  Or maybe balance is not the right word...  I think boundaries is more appropriate.

Why boundaries?  Because I also think of the term balance when referring to all that we as woman have to do. Thinking about it causes us more stress. 

I'm going to say it... there is no true balance. You are gonna drop some plates. 

Defining your boundaries, even if you have to write it down on paper is the first and biggest step you can take. 

Is it easy? Um, no.  Will it be worth it…heck yea! 
Come on, who is with me? 

Let's start setting some boundaries...
Say 'No'
Say, 'I can't right now, maybe later.'
Putting a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door and soaking in the tub
Creating time for yourself to regenerate and clear your head
Taking 30 minutes out of the day to walk
Drinking a glass of wine, a margarita, or some sweet tea
Teaching your kids to do their own laundry

 Let’s start setting boundaries and see what we can accomplish!

What are some of your boundaries?  You can share yours in the comment section below.  Or if they are private…just make sure you write it down…and do it!

Until Next Time, Blessings and Bubbles,


  • Saying no when you set boundaries is crucial. When I realized every time I said no to something I didn’t want to do, it freed me up to say yes to something I did want to try. I try to keep that thought in my brain as I make choices.

  • I totally agree! It’s nice to read this to remind myself I expect too much and enjoy too little when I’m not balanced.

    Amber Malcom

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