Offended or Not?

Offended or not


Have you ever been offended?  What about when a place of business gives you a Senior Discount?  Were you offended because you didn’t ask for the discount and they assumed?  Or were you delighted that you received a discount…despite how mature you may be.

Yall know I love my lattes.  And that I visit a local coffee shop often.  Often enough that they know my order when I go thru the drive thru…I usually don’t have to give my name…it’s community and they know me. 

So, I am going thru the drive thru yesterday and I place my order, the voice on the other side of the box askes “Is this Ms Sandy?”  I laugh and say, yes, and she laughs and says pull around…nothing unusual about that…I pull up to the window and pay for my coffee. 

I usually don’t look at my receipt, since it’s the same thing every time.  Well this time I was looking to see how many points I have till me next free latte (yes, I’m one of those people).  And there I saw IT!  A 10% Senior Drink Discount!!!  I busted out laughing.  When the young lady comes back to the window with my drink, I asked her about this Senior Discount.  And she says, I just wanted to do something for you.  I hope I didn’t offend you…to which I replied, laughing, nope not offended at all.  I love a discount!  And I thanked her for thinking of me…not that she thought I was old, but just the thought.

There are still good people in this world, they can be young or old.  And they can bring a smile to your face or a good belly laugh in my case.  I believe wisdom comes with maturing (age).

So, would you have been offended that someone thought you deserved a Senior discount?  Or would you laugh it off and appreciate the compliment?


  • Excellent customer recognition and she is a great employee! I agree, this was probably her only way of showing how much she loves seeing you and how she can give you a reward. At 42, I was tired of coloring my hair (since I was completely gray @ 26), so I let it go, I began to constantly receive Senior Discounts and like you, would smile or laugh and enjoyed the discount! I am 65 now and still love the discounts!! God Bless you all, stay safe and well!
    Jan :)

    Jan Garner
  • She probably just wanted to give you a discount and that’s a preset code in there system that a manager wouldn’t notice if it were used. I used to do the same for nice customers if I could get away with it.

    But one time I was at a store and the cashier asked if I wanted a senior discount and I was very offended because I was 32 at the time. 😂 now that I’m older, gimmie the discount, idc, I could use my savings to buy more of your soap! Lol

    Jenn Alvarez
  • Hi Sandy!
    I like a good discount, and very little people say bothers me. If it is funny I will laugh at it. One example was when I was in line and had just moved up to the register and the lady behind the counter said “I will be with you in a minute sir”. Some background I had finished chemo and my hair was almost a bur cut and I was wearing a flannel shirt and jeans. When she looked up and realized I was a women she started to try an apologize, but I was laughing because it was funny, and I told her not to worry about it. I am 73 and have never been hung up with my age.

    Donna M Viles
  • I’ve been asked if my daughters were my GRAND children. I was in my late 30s at the time. Didn’t appreciate it.

    I’ve automatically received a senior discount, at a drive-thru, of a restaurant that I’d never been to before. I must SOUND old, too!

    Jackie Garrison
  • Take the discount. Even if she thinks you are a senior they are being considerate of your $’s and going the extra mile for you. Never be offended when someone is going the extra mile for you! :)

    Margaret Civella

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