Moisturizing = Death to wrinkles

What happens if you never or at least rarely moisturize?  

Dry, itchy, flakey skin.

Skin naturally loses moisture from exposure to cold weather (winter), wind, indoor air conditioning, and hot showers (well that stinks, we love our hot showers).  

All of these can strip the skin of its natural oils.

As we age, skin becomes thinner (a skin science lesson in another email.) So skin looks dryer and creases become more noticeable as your face moves. Over time, these creases form wrinkles.  

Moisturizing skin helps to keep those fine lines and wrinkles from making you look older than your years.

So what's a Sage Sister to do?  

Well for starters you can dry brush your skin, which helps to remove dead skin cells.  

When you do this before your bath or shower (remember that hot shower?) you help the moisturizing lotion to do its job better. Moisturizing allows the water to be “trapped” in your skin, thereby creating softer smoother skin. 

After you bath or shower, don’t dry completely off, just pat dry then apply a good moisturizing lotion. Let your skin soak it in a minute before putting clothes on.

Besides preventing dry skin, you can also slow down the signs of aging…and who doesn’t want that?  Death to wrinkle, rights?

Moisturized skin also helps to fight acne, protects from the sun, and soothes sensitive skin.

Your moisturizer is your skin's best friend! Use it and use it often, you’ll be so glad you did.

Blessings and bubbles,


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