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A funny thing happened…I’ve been reading about stream lining production, also known as masterbatching.  So I decided to scale up production, by doubling a formula.

I ran my formula calculations for doubling and everything worked out.  I get all the ingredients out and away I geaux.

I start measuring and melting the oils.  I'm thinking what a genius I am, I should have been doing this all along.  Then I go to add the other ingredients to the already warm oils, and at that moment I realize my pot is not big enough.  Forehead slap…hurriedly, pulling out a much bigger pot, I pour the warmed oils in there, and the temp drops so fast that when I try to add the other ingredients they start solidifying way too quick. 

Again quickly I'm trying to think how I'm going to save this batch...ok, put it on the burner to heat up the pot and the oils, whew disaster averted.  But wait, now I can't pick up the hot pot to pour into containers, what was I thinking, forehead slap again. 

Oh, I can use a glass measuring cup and dip and pour.  But the measuring cup is cool too, so I stick it in the microwave to warm.  Ok, this may work.  So I'm dipping and pouring, all seems to be going right again, and dare I think it out loud…what a genius.

Then oh my gosh, this is not happening to me...I don't have enough containers…think…wait, the last time I thought, insert forehead slap, is what got me into this mess.  Ok, ok, hmmm, what to do…ok, I’ve got it.  I’ll just call this master batching and I can pour the rest into a reheatable container so that when my product containers come in I can just reheat and pour. 

Wow, what a genius I am…ssshhh, don’t say that too loud, I might hear and try something else.

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