A funny thing happened…I’ve been reading about stream lining production, also known as masterbatching.  So I decided to scale up production, by doubling a formula.

I ran my formula calculations for doubling and everything worked out.  I get all the ingredients out and away I geaux...

I start measuring and melting the oils while tapping my feet to the music my husband downloaded for me to listen to in my workshop. 

I'm smiling away, thinking what a genius I am, I should have been doing this all along.  Then I go to add the other ingredients to the already warm oils, and at that moment I realize my pot is not big enough. 

Forehead slap…hurriedly, pulling out a much bigger pot, I pour the warmed oils in there, and the temp drops so fast that when I try to add the other ingredients they start solidifying way too quick...  

Music and grin begin to fade as I quickly try to think how I'm going to save this batch...okay... put it on the burner to heat up the pot and the oils, whew disaster averted. 

But wait... now I can't pick up the hot pot to pour into containers, what was I thinking, forehead slap again

Oh, I can use a glass measuring cup and dip and pour.  But the measuring cup is cool too, so I stick it in the microwave to warm it...  Okay, this may work.  So I'm dipping and pouring, all seems to be going right again, and dare I think it out loud…I'm a genius?

Then OMGosh... this is not happening to me...I don't have enough containers…think…wait, the last time I thought, insert forehead slap, is what got me into this mess. 

Okay, okay, hmm... what to do?… okay, I’ve got it!  I’ll just call this master batching and I can pour the rest into a reheatable container so that when my product containers come in I can just reheat and pour. 

Wow, what a genius I am…ssshh! I admonish myself, Don’t say that too loud, I might hear and try something else!


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