How to be a Rebel with your Self-Care

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Yes, it’s Birthday and Anniversary time…but whose counting?!

This month The Purple Sage turns 24…my gosh this girl is just hitting her prime.  And yall know she wants to continue to encourage you to live and love boldly.

On a personal note, this month is also my 41st wedding anniversary.  And I often wonder how, just how that could have happened.

But what I do know is that without practicing a LOT of self-care neither of these 2 milestones could have been accomplished.

Self-care for sanity’s sake

Self-care is what helped me to keep my sanity.  

Ya know being a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend and business owner can take its toll on you.  

I know when I was raising my kids, who are now 33 and 30, taking time for one’s self was not very popular.  

It was actually frowned upon…because yall know we were supposed to be super woman!

The rebel’s way…bubble baths and kayaking

But ya know what this rebel did…just what she needed to maintain her sanity.

Some days it was as simple as closing and locking the bathroom door.  

A few candles, low lighting, and a good book.  Wine or tequila on occasion, but not always.  

A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.  

Yall know my favorite self-care is a luxurious bubble bath.  

But I also find self-care in…

…eating well,

…getting out in nature, 

…tending to my flower and veggie gardens. 

…and camping. 

Let’s first talk about eating well.

I’m a southern girl, so butter and biscuits are a thing. But…not every day.

You have to have harmony with eating well.  Lean meats (yes I love a good steak), chicken and fish.  Oh and don't forget plenty of crawfish, when in season.

Lotsa veggies and salads, and delicious fruits in season, will round out eating well.


There’s getting outside in nature!

First, I LOVE tending to my garden!

Getting my hands dirty (which means a manicure to follow, cause ya know self-care) and then seeing my gorgeous and colorful flowers bloom gives me such a rush!

Growing veggies takes a little more work, but it's soooo satisfying. 

Watching those little seedlings push through the ground and knowing that before long, they will be something we’ll eat!

So yes, get your hands dirty! You have to concentrate on your plantings…and all the other stuff like to-dos, errands and other life stuff floating around in your brain can take a little break.

And then, there’s the camping road trips!

I love going camping in our camper (which includes getting out in nature.)

If you didn’t know…I’m a road warrior! Yes, I love getting in the truck (yes, I drive a big ol pickup), hooking up the camper and going on an adventure.

Whether it’s a weekend get away close by or a longer journey, it’s a way to get away from the everyday routine!

My favorite outdoor activities are hiking and kayaking. 

My favorite hike is actually close to home, Tunica Hills/Clark Creek area.  It's hilly and has some cool waterfalls.  Something not very common in south Louisiana.

I do plan to hike some at the Grand Canyon this summer, and I can't wait!

And then there was the one time we were kayaking and saw the gator. Actually 3 gators in one day...not your average daily thing, ya know?  Most of the time, we paddle quickly by, or if feeling threatened we will turn around.

I’ve even heard of people kayaking while whale watching (I’ve added that to my bucket list for sure!) 

Can you imagine the adrenaline rush that would be???

Self-care = survival in marriage and in business.

Working through the challenges, we learn to embrace and better understand life.

When you embrace the challenges and indulge with self-care you find harmony in everything that comes your way.

“Be in harmony yet be different.” - Confucius.

Have you gotten a copy of the Sage Sister Self Care Guide?  

If not, grab it HERE…it’s got some good advice.

I asked my clients and friends what they did for self-care. since we all know self-care means different things to different people.

This guide has a bunch of different ideas, so I’m sure you’ll find something you haven’t tried yet.

And…if you have a self-care routine that’s not in the guide…email me and I’ll add your tip to the guide. 

Afterall, the more ways we can help each other take good care of ourselves, girl, the more sassy we can be!

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