Head Up, Wings Out


August, it’s back to school time.  It’s everywhere you look.  I have my grandson starting kindergarten this year…first time in 8 years I’ve had to be active in the back to school frenzy.  Head up, wings out.    

Wheather your sending your little one off to elementary school or sending your older one off to college for the first time.  Back to school is a stressful time.

We’ve been enjoying the lazy days of summer with slower routines.  Back to school means back to the sometimes hectic routines.  Ya know, getting up super early, rushing off to catch the bus, or carpool…and then there’s homework…ack!  Personally, I don’t remember having the loads of homework that kids do nowadays.  I mean I had some, but not every day and not several hours of homework.

I do remember sending my little one’s off to school…they were so excited for that first day…even the first week.  I would always drop them off the first day, sending each to their class…making sure they had everything.  Making sure they were connecting with their friends and such.   Giving each one some sugar and they were off to new adventures.  They never knew that I had left.   I put on a brave face but cried all the way home after dropping them off.

Fast forward to the college years.  Since both my kids went to a local college they were commuters.  And they still lived at home…all was right in my nest.  Then the day came that my daughter wanted to geaux to grad school.  We toured a chiropractic college in Texas that was only four hours away.  Then we toured Life University in Georgia.  She fell in love with this school and my heart was aching…yall that’s 8 hours away.

The day came for us to pack most of her things and move her to grad school, in Georgia.  It was an eventful trip to say the least…we had a flat tire on the trailer, and I got pulled over by the police when I accidentally ran a red light…oops!  Yall, it helped to actually lighten the mood…since we were laughing at how fast my pit crew got the tire changed, and the fact that the female police officer did not give me a ticket…whew!

So we get her settled in at my sister’s house, till she could find a place closer to school to live.  The morning comes for her first day of school…I’m doing everything thing in my power not to cry.  And truth be told, I think she was too.  But my beautiful daughter did what she always does…as she’s walking out to her car with her back pack on her back…she picks her head up, and flaps her arms like wings.  Head up, wings out!

A side note:  Amanda will be graduating next month as a Doctor of Chiropractic!  And it all started with that first day of school.

Until next time, blessings and bubbles,


  • Best saying ever. Heads up. Wings out. Fly high 🐦

    Catherine Grace O’Connell
  • What a sweet story! I know January 1st is really the new year, but September 1st seems more like it to me. No matter how old you are, September is new beginnings.


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