Do You need to muster up the Courage?

Do you feel like you just exist?  

Have you found the thing that makes you want to get up every day? 

Have you started or refined your bucket list?

About 3 years ago, I did something that had been on my bucket list since I was in my 20’s….yall know that was a long time ago.

It took courage to step out of my comfort zone and begin checking things off my bucket list.  

Today was one of those days.  

Today, I jumped out of a plane for the 3rd time!

It started out as a great day…nice temps and an easy drive to the airport. 

I met a few nice people, was introduced to my tandem jump partner and suited up to jump.

Then it happened…nothing!

Word came that the plane had to bring back the jumpers before us…the weather was too cloudy.  

The FAA will not allow them to jump in cloudy conditions.  

Ready to go, but a no-go.

So we waited.  

The clouds broke and the group before us were off…and then down they floated. Nice!  

We were giddy, it was our turn.  

We were suited up and on the plane, heading to the runway, and the plane stopped…and turned around.  

NO, NOT AGAIN!  Yep, again, the clouds were too thick.  

Ready to go twice, but again, no go.  

So we wait. And we wait.

My friend Roberta and I wondered how long we should wait before we give up.  An hour, 2 hours…where do you draw the line? 

But really, we had to decide how badly we wanted to jump.

The wind had picked up and the clouds were moving out…GO TIME! But where’s the pilot?  

Apparently, he went to lunch! I imagine that?

The pilot was called back, where he decided to sit down to finish his lunch (we were shooting him the evil eye at this point.)

Finally…we are on the plane. 

The plane is up in the air.  

We climbed to 11,000 feet, which took about 15 minutes.

The door was open, and Roberta is gone, smiling like there’s no tomorrow.

Jon (my tandem partner) scoots us over to the open door.  

Left foot out, right foot out…head back and awaaaay we gooooo!

Free fall is about 30 seconds of amazing bliss.  

Zooming to the earth at 120 miles an hour…Jon pulls the cord for the shoot.

Then he hands me the cords to steer the parachute.  

We’re doing twirls to the left and twirls to the right…floating down to the earth.

As we approach the landing zone (feet up) we come to an amazing landing…and we’re standing up (not landing on my butts like the last time.)

Jon takes my harness off and we give hugs and high fives all around.

Another successful jump is in the books.

So I’m sure you are asking, will I do it again…HELL YEAH…and again, and again.  

As long as I am physically able, I will continue to skydive.

What’s on your bucket list?  

What do you need to muster up the courage to do/start that list?  

If you’re local and would like to skydive, hit me up. I would love to do it again.

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