Do You Need a Makeover?

Do you need a makeover


Do You need a makeover?  From time to time we have to sit back and assess certain things in our life.

Ya know what I’m talking about…everything from our style of clothing, what we eat, our lifestyle and our hair styles.  At some point these things will need a makeover.  Not just to be stylish, but because they become out dated.  Or we just get bored with them.

Well Sage Sisters that’s the case with the Hello Beautiful soap.  I’ve been making it the same way since forever.  So recently I took an assessment of this soap.

I love the scent, a wonderful lavender blend…yall know how much I love lavender.  But something was off…what could it be?  Then it hit me right between the eyes…it’s the color! 

A little back story on Hello Beautiful.  Originally it was named Pink Lavender.  So when we updated all of our branding a few years back, it became Hello Beautiful…because, well because as women we all need to know that we are beautiful.  So it got a new name, and the scent and color stayed the same.

Now it’s time for Hello Beautiful to get it’s makeover.  I have made videos testing several new colors.  You can see them above.  I’ve got my favorite, but I wanted to give you the control as to what color of pink this soap will become. 

Check out each color and see the final results.  They have been numbered in the photo above so that you can vote.  You can reply below with your vote or if you are on Facebook or Instagram you can vote there.

I will be making a final decision early next week, so make sure you get your vote in.  Your vote does count!  I can’t wait to see what you will chose.


  • MUST be PINK. Love #3

  • I’m voting for #5! Love the color and would brighten up my day from the start with its vibrant color!.

    Suzy Ware
  • We like #2

    Angelia Beauchamp

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