Do the Hard Thing

I made a commitment to myself to learn a program.

So, last week I took a short online course for this program…which was way out of my comfort zone.  

I’ve dabbled in this program before, and well let’s just say, I hadn’t even scratched the surface.  

I could barely do the basics, mainly because I just never could find what I needed.  Like the tab to make a border around an image.  Or how to change the color options, or add music.  I’ve seen others use it with success, but it was a challenge for me.  So most of the time, due to frustrations I would just quit.

I watched a tutorial and learned a few tricks.  

Then I got to work on my project.  

Wow, this was easier than I ever imagined.  

Once I knew where the tools and tabs were it was relatively easy.  I had a few moments where it didn’t go as I thought it would.  

I wanted to quit…but I didn’t because I made a commitment to myself to do it (and I needed to honor that) I pushed through.

Pushing through wasn’t easy, I kept procrastinating, but I got back on that horse and made it to the finish line.

AND I did it!  I mean I really did it!  That feeling of accomplishment on something I set out to do was a huge burst of endorphins.  Just an all around great feeling…not only the accomplishment, but also honoring the commitment.

Isn’t that life?  

We think something is gonna be harder than it is, so we procrastinate. But, once you get started, power through the “I want to quit” moments, and reach that finish line, you wonder why you put it off.

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