Competition with my SELF

Some of you may remember I stepped outside of my comfort zone last month, when I joined a CrossFit gym.

And lemme tell ya! It has been interesting to say the least.  

And the best part is that I LOVE IT!!!

I used to own a FedEx truck and route (some of you may not know this about me)…I drove the truck, slung the packages.  (Oops, did I type that for real, slung the packages?)

Both of these experiences have been out of that comfort zone.  

Both experiences for me are all about competition with myself.

Let me explain…

Working through FedEx, as an independent contractor, I owned the truck (maintenance and all was done by my hubby).

I drove my FedEx truck to the terminal each morning to pick up my days worth of packages (work).

I had no control over how many packages were assigned to my route, however, I was responsible for scanning all the packages, loading them onto my truck and delivering myself.

In the beginning while I was still learning my route, I struggled with loading the truck in an efficient manner (meaning I could find the correct package for the stop without tearing the truck apart).  

There was no time clock to punch, just safely deliver A.L.L. the packages.

I took this as a challenge…and the challenge was accepted.  

Less than 3 months into my FedEx career, I had mastered loading the truck.  

The next challenge took a bit longer…learning the route.  

When I left FedEx, 4 years later, I could have done my route with my eyes closed and both hands tied behind my back…yeah I WAS THAT GOOD!  And proud of it!

My final challenge with FedEx was to get home safely every night with an empty truck (I just drove the truck to my home…didn’t have to go back to the terminal).  

That meant being on my A game everyday.  

Sometimes it was a real challenge…like the time I needed a signature and called to confirm that someone would be home, and was told he didn’t have any clothes on…NOPE, not getting his package that day.  😳

Fast forward to today…

CrossFit jargon is still a bit Greek to me, but I am learning. 

I’m being consistent and “pushing” myself to do things I’ve never done.

To say I have a few new challenges is, well, an understatement.   

I’ve got my eye on 1 or 2 things that will prove success once I conquer them. 

New challenges accepted…and I will conquer them!

Lemme tell ya what happened last week.  

Most of the coaches and attendees have been women…or at least in the classes that I have gone to.  

There is so much camaraderie that it blows me away. But I digress… 

Tuesday’s workout was HARD for me, but I stuck to it.  

When class was over I got in the car and started down the road to go home, I started crying.

I’m like, what the heck why am I crying?  

Could it be the endorphins?  

Did I hurt myself and not know it?  

What’s goin on?  

Where did these emotions come from?

Then it hit me!  

This is the first time in 35 years that I am doing something solely for ME.  

Not for my hubby, my kids, or even my grandsons, even though I love them all to death. Not for my sisters or friends.  

ME…just ME!

I’m working hard for Me.  

I’m challenging myself.  

I’m competing with myself. 

And at the end of the day I’m better for it.  

Yes, my inner thighs hurt, my butt hurts, my arms hurt, my stomach muscles hurt…all in a good way.  

It tells me I’m still alive and I’m making a positive change for me.  

I am living BOLDLY!

What have you done or are you doing just for YOU?  

Don’t be ashamed if you are not…Sage Sister it took me 35 years to do something just for me.  

If you’re not I encourage you to find something to do just for you…and please share with me what that is.


  • You give me courage to conquer the weight gain I guess we are never too old so proud of you for doing YOU love you

  • You give me courage to conquer the weight gain I guess we are never too old so proud of you for doing YOU love you

  • So proud of you! You’re an inspiration to just do it. Start where you are…

    Laurie Miller
  • You go girl! So happy for you!

    Tina Cooper
  • Love this!! Let’s keep on pushing ourselves. 😘


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