Bye Bye Comfort Zone


OMGosh, it’s going to be bye bye comfort zone!  When life opens up an opportunity and you know with all your heart, soul, and being that you must act on the opportunity, what do you do?
You take ACTION.  Let me explain...  I was going along minding my own business…quite literally.  When the opportunity to collaborate with several other small business owners presented itself.  Well actually... I had an aha moment and decided to contact three other ladies to see if they wanted to collaborate.  Amazingly all three said 'yes' and suggested that one more join in our fun.
I was working away in my studio when my sage popped an an idea into my head. You know how I am about listening to my sage. The idea and feeling was so strong, I could not sleep for two nights just thinking about the possibilities and who I wanted to reach out to. 

So I needed to take action. 

I cannot believe what I was feeling so compelled to do... Can we say stepping out of my comfort zone?  But what really amazed me, was when I contacted each of the three business owners, each one stated that they had the same idea, but had not acted upon it!  See what happens when you listen to your Sage?

Can I tell ya that I was in tears when I spoke to the last one and she agreed?
Now I can’t tell you what it is just yet... however, I can tell you that it will be stretching me way past my comfort zone

Am I nervous? Hell yeah! 
Am I excited? Hell yeah! 

I will tell you that it is going to be something that you will enjoy... Something that I have been wanting to do for you... but the timing was not right. 
We have begun meeting and planning.  Oh, the excitement!  Stay tuned for more to come as we pull together our ideas and dreams to serve you! 

Our combined goal is to serve you in multiple ways…and together we have the vehicle to do just that!
In what ways have you stepped out of your comfort zone?  I would love hear from you, so that I can cheer you on.

Let's geaux shopping!

Until next time, blessings and bubbles,

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