But...What Will They Think


Have you ever wanted to do something, but worried what will they think. Or what will they say?  I have spent most of my life I living in fear of what they will think…or say.  But NO MORE!

A few years back

Yeah, that used to be me…living in fear of them.  You know who I’m talking about, the other people in your life, family, friends, coworkers, and the ladies at church, the neighbor down the street.  And one day I decided to do what I wanted to do, and to hell with what they thought or said.  I had been wanting to color my hair purple.  Yep, PURPLE!!!  So I started with a small streak…ok, so far so good.  Then I got a little braver and did one whole side…yeah, this feels great. I finally settled on having the top half my natural color, and the bottom all purple, all the way around. I’ve loved it!  I’ve gotten way more compliments that I ever dreamed when I was living in that fear.  Did I say I loved it?  It became who I am.


Today, I am facing that fear once again.  Today I am going all PURPLE…ALL over…top, bottom, underneath…ALL OVER.  I’m both scared and excited.   However, I have to admit that old fear has crept back in…what will they think, what will they say?  But I am going to face that fear and do it anyway.  Will I love it, I don’t know but I am going to give it a try.  Who knows, I may not like it and geaux back to what I’m currently wearing.  There is excitement in trying new things…and this is definitely new for me.  I’m off to see my hairdresser and when I return, I will be all purple.  This is exciting and this is what facing fear is about for me.  I’m doing it!

What have you been wanting to do, but feared what others will think, or what they will say?  My friend, embrace the fear and do it anyway!  Then share with me what you do and the outcome.  You got this!

Oh, and by the way...I LOVE IT!!!!!


  • I’ve always wanted purple hair! Maybe I’ll start the way you did and get a streak.

    Donna DeRosa
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway, do it scared, there are so many ways to say it, yet it’s so hard to do. I like taking baby steps towards something that scares me. I’ve never been one to dive off a cliff, I need to go in the water slowly. It sounds like you and I have that in common Sandy. I think it’s about learning what works for you.


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