Burned Out?



I am all about selfcare.  I love a good Bubbleaux Bubble bath, or a nice walk in the fresh air.  I know how important selfcare is…that’s part wisdom and part what The Purple Sage is built on…practicing selfcare.  But what happens when life gets in the way? 

The Facts

Let me be real.  Being a wife, mother, grandma, sister, friend and business owner can take a toll.   I want to do everything for everybody…and well I can for just so long.  Then some days it just doesn’t happen.  It doesn’t happen because I am burned out.  And that burn out can feel like a really heavy burden.  I was chugging along doing what I do.  But I wasn’t taking care of me…I was taking care of everybody else.  And then it hit me like a ton of bricks…I was burned out.  You might say beyond recognition. 


I decided to just lay low for a little while and recharge.  When that didn’t work, I knew I had to shut things down and not only recharge, but regroup.  And so I did.  Was it hard, hell yeah it was hard.  But I am so glad that I did it.  I actually took time for me.  I started getting back on track with my clean eating and exercising. That in and of itself has made a huge difference.  I am actually doing a 30 day exercise challenge with a few of my online colleagues…how cool is that.  I am being more careful about what I commit to.  I am saying no when needed.  I don’t want to go back there…to that burned out state.

What about you?

Have you ever felt this way?  What did you do about it?  What did you change, or did you?  How did you overcome the burn out?  Share your experiences with me…I promise I will respond to you personally.

If you need a little assistance with your burn out…check out our Bubbleaux.  Something to start you back on the right track.

Until next time, Blessing and Bubbles,



  • When I’m feeling burned out meditation really helps me. Eating healthy has completely changed the way I feel throughout the day. Music also helps. And sometimes silence.

    Donna DeRosa
  • It seems counter intuitive, but when I get burned out with all my busy-ness, I stop. The stopping is important. Even if I just stop for 5 minutes, I stop and look around me. Right now I see my soap studio, my happy place. I take a sip of the ice water that is by my computer. I take a deep breath and smell a mix of all my essential oils. I hear Sugarland on Pandora. Another breath. I sing along with Jennifer Nettles. Loud. The song is ending and I’m ready to step back in my day. Simple, but sometimes, not easy. Thanks for the reminder.


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