Bubbleaux Who Knew?


I created Bubbleaux bubble bath as a way for women to be able to relax.  A starting point for women to create a self care routine…starting with a bar of soap, your favorite scent/color of Bubbleaux bubble bath, a candle and a tub.

I knew that I put some really awesome skin loving ingredients in there, stuff like Citric Acid, Baking Soda, Powdered Buttermilk, Jojoba Oil, Mango and Cocoa Butters.  And I knew it made my skin silky soft after using.

But what I didn’t know was how good it was for sunburned skin.  Here’s what happened…I decided to get some sun and soak up some vitamin D.  Both of which are great for elevating your mood and just making you feel better.  I’m not a scientist, I just know that it works for me.

So I’m laying out, with my arms and legs exposed listening to some really good tunes, really loud on my veranda (deck).  And out of the blue, I decided to raise my shirt and get my belly tan.  Now, my belly has not seen the light of day in over 40 years….yes, I said 40 years.  Then it happened…I lost track of time…well actually I fell asleep. 

When I woke up, I realized I had not put my shirt down, and well you guessed it my belly was a very nice shade of RED.  And it goes without saying that it hurt.  Since I had been enjoying the day and sunshine, I decided to take a Balance (Lavender) Bubbleaux bubble bath in hopes that it would help with the sunburn.  I actually took a very cool bubble bath and it felt so good on my skin.  My belly was still very sensitive, but it was feeling better.  I kept running the water and bubbles over my skin.

What I discovered is that Bubbleaux was very hydrating to my skin.  I knew it was, but never like this.  After my bath, it did not hurt.  I then applied some Balance lotion, ever so gently.  By the next morning my skin was no longer red, and it didn’t hurt.

So who knew Bubbleaux bubble bath could help to really moisturize your skin to start the repair process from too much sun.


Disclosure:  I do not advocate excessive sun exposure…please take precautions.  Nor am I making any health or medical claims.

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  • I really enjoyed reading your blog!

    Cheryl Keys

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