Bubbleaux, Made Just for You



Hello Beautiful!  Hey did you know that I made Bubbleaux Bubble Bath just for you?  I sure did!

You told me that you wanted to be able to sit and soak with lots of bubbles and skin loving oils…so I thought about you as I was making this luxurious Bubbleaux Bubble Bath.  I wanted you to feel special and to feel pampered in the comfort of your tub.

Close your eyes and just imagine yourself relaxed in your tub.  You have closed the door, hung up a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door, and locked the rest of the world out. 

You know you need to do this for yourself. 

Bathing is your own personal ritual, you need it to take care of yourself. 

You pull out your favorite candle or 2 or 3, the matches are right next to the candles…you light each candle and set them around the tub…you blow out the match and watch the smoke drift upward.  You are already starting to relax…can you feel it.

Now, start drawing the water, nice warm, almost hot water flowing into the tub.  You take your favorite Bubbleaux Bubble Bath and you pour some into your hand, as you pour into the tub… smell the lovely aroma as it starts to create a most luxurious bath. 

You see lots of bubbles and your senses are awakening as you step in.

As you sink lower into the tub, the stress and worries seem to just melt away. Focus on closing the door to your mind. Leave the day behind.

Take a few deep breaths…breathe in…breathe out. Focus on the breathing... in through the nose hold for a second and out through the mouth. I'm talking deep breaths fully extend and contract your stomach. Breathing in your favorite scent of Bubbleaux to help you relax. 

You take your bath pillow and place it behind your head and just sit back, eyes closed and relax as you take your hands and push the water over your skin…and your skin is enjoying the wonderful mango, coco butters, and jojoba oil.  Do you feel how silky that feels on your skin?  

You feel your mood changing… you feel you heart rate slowing… you are feeling relaxed. This is what you need.

Your mind is blank for the first time in a long time… when you are truly relaxed. Stay there for a while… enjoy the warmth of the water, the bubbles and the skin loving oils that are all over your body.

This is me time. Enjoy.

Until Next Time, Blessings and Bubbles,


  • I think I did it wrong, I started counting how many loads of laundry I need to fold :(

    I guess that is good evidence that I really do need a self care break, isn’t it??

  • Yes, I know I need to do this for myself. I think my new mantra will be the Nike slogan. Just Do It.


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