Bathing or showering…which do you like better?

Your personal preferences determine whether you take a bath or a shower. 

Now, of course you probably know how to do both (bathe and shower that is) but humor me!

Baths have a different effect on the body than showers.


If you’re a bather…

If you’re interested in promoting relaxation, easing fatigue, and treating chronic pain, a bath might be the right choice for you.   

First, it changes your body temp more quickly, since it is a stimulus that surrounds the body.  

Using bubble bath forms a layer of insulation around the body, keeping it warmer longer.  And because you are sitting down, your body can relax.

For the optimum bath:  consider rinsing off in the shower.  

This is optional, but some people like to take a quick shower before they soak in the bathtub.

Make sure the tub is clean - you can do this with a washcloth, wipe down the inside of the tub, removing any soap residue or stray hairs.  (I like to do this after I take a bath since everything is still wet, and that way I can just get in when ready).

Fill the tub with lukewarm (or slightly warm) water. Overly hot water will dry your skin out. It’s easy to test the water temp with your hand.

Once in the tub, you can lather your body with a good soap using a washcloth or loofah.  

It’s best to wash your skin at the beginning of the bath if you plan to exfoliate, but be careful not to over-exfoliate your skin.

The longer you soak, the softer your skin will get. 

When finished in the bath, towel dry your body by patting the skin, not rubbing, and use a moisturizing lotion right away to seal hydration into your skin.


If you’re a showerer…

If you’re more interested in an efficient daily cleansing, a shower might be the better choice.

For the optimum shower, run the water to an ideal temperature (it doesn’t need to be steaming hot.)

Do a quick rinse to wet your skin before using any soap.

You can use a washcloth, loofah or your hands to apply bar soap to your body.  

Always start at the neck and shoulder and work your way down the length of your body.  

Don’t forget your legs and feet (yep, get in between your toes with soap and water.)

Rinse off any soapy residue to make sure you’re not drying out your skin.

Switch to lukewarm or cool water for the final rinse.  

This will give you a refreshing jump start as you step out of the shower.

Make sure to towel dry by patting the skin, not rubbing.  

Use a moisturizing lotion right out of the shower for best results to seal hydration into your skin.

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  • I’m a shower girl. Bubble baths give me a UTI.

    Ann Julian

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