A Tribute to Mama


Since Mother’s Day is this weekend, I thought I would do a tribute to my Mama. Sadly I don't have any pictures of my Mama, so I put up this one that brings me joy...with my grandson

I can only write about my Mama from my memory.  You see my precious Mama has been gone from my life for 40 years…and every time I write that or think about it, I’m still shocked.  They say time flies…and sometimes it does…and other times not so much.
So what do I remember about her?  She was a role model for me.  A strong woman in more ways than I can count.  She raised 5 children, 4 girls and 1 boy.  And we all turned out to be pretty decent adults.  I think that is a great testament to her parenting skills. She was for the most part a stay at home Mom. Back then, that was the norm.
She was stern in her discipline, and she was fair…most of the time.  You knew not to mess up or you would pay the consequences.  We used to joke that her nickname was Dick Tracy…she always had a way of finding out what we had been up to…good or bad.
Mama was smart and college educated. While raising her children, she also ran my Daddy’s business. There was no nanny, or sitters. If Mama had something to do, she took us. We spent many days at the office with her.  I think this is where my business strength comes from, well that and Daddy being self employed. The entrepreneurial spirit is in my blood.
It’s funny after I became a Mama, I heard my Mama’s words coming out of my mouth. Growing up I never thought I would quote her as much as I do…one of the things we were taught was that you did not miss school. As Mama used to say, you had to be sick, dead or dying…and you better not fake it. Ask me how I know on that one. I have said those exact words to my own children.
Like any Mama, she wanted the best for all of her children, and I am certain that she did a lot of praying for each of us. But as any Mama knows, there is only so much that you have control over…as your children grow up, they make choices. Some choices of course are good ones and well, some have consequences.
This is also a tribute to all Mama’s out there. It takes a special kind of woman to birth and raise children, especially in the world we live in now. Stop for a moment and pat yourself on the back…because you have done an amazing thing. You have given life. And there are Moms that did not give birth but have played a major roll in someone's are a Mom too.  So to all the amazing Moms out there…Happy Mother’s Day.
Let's geaux shopping!

Until next time, blessings and bubbles,


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