3 Ways to “Chill” during your busy day

Coming off a very stressful weekend, I got to thinking about ways to chill during the day. (Ya know, those times when ya just can’t slip into a bubbleaux bubble bath. 😉)

Give a holla

Walk outside, take a deep breath and just scream at the top of your lungs. I live rural, so I can do this a little easier than most.  

If you have close neighbors or are at work, you can always go sit in your car and turn up the music.  

If you can’t get outside, grab a pillow.

I know this one may feel a little “embarrassing” but do it anyway…it feels great!

Call it in

Another option, as they used to say on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, phone a friend.  

Yep… call a friend.  

You don’t necessarily need to vent, but sometimes just talking to someone is all that you need to feel connected.  

A few years back, ok, 25 years ago, I used to call the one friend who was a stay-at-home Mom like me. We would go have coffee at the local coffee shop and chat (and laugh) for hours, about whatever was on our minds.

Walk it off

And lastly, just take a walk.  

If you’re at work, get up from your desk and walk around the office (do a loop around the cubicles) and/or go outside and walk the block.  

At home, walk around the yard or courtyard.

Stop and smell the roses.  

Take notice of the trees, how green the leaves are, and the shape of the leaves. 

Enjoy the aroma of the grass and flowers.  

Pick some flowers to bring inside.

Now that you have 3 easy ways to chill in under 10 minutes…

…yall know my favorite way is to grab an adult beverage, some matches, a candle or 2 (I’ve actually started using unscented candles when I just want the ambiance without aroma), and head to my bathroom. 

Lock that door, and start running the water. IT’S BATH TIME!

 Oh, Heaven! 

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