Soap Making Tools of the Trade

Soap Making Tools

Soap Making Tools

Hey Yall, have you ever wondered what are the tools of the trade for soap making?  Well, I would like to give you a quick rundown of what I use.

First, a good scale, this is a must.  I also need measuring cups, and lots of them.  The measuring cups hold the fragrance or essential oils that will scent the soap.  They are also handy for mixing the herbs that go into some of our soaps.  There are different sizes for different needs.  Some of the larger ones are used when I do multiple colors.  Next would be the plastic buckets that I use to make the soap batter.  I do use smaller ones for the smaller batches when needed.  Lol, a little less mess to clean up, and I’m all about less mess.  You should see how many tools/dishes I wash for each batch…crazy, I tell ya.  I also use plastic drink pitchers to mix up the lye and water.  Of course these are labeled so that there is no mistaking what is in there, in an effort to avoid an accident.  There are also various spoons, slotted, ladles, measuring spoons, and just spoons for stirring.

For me the piece de resistance would have to be my purple stick blender.  Soap can be made without a stick blender…but that takes way too long.  Using a good stick blender helps the oils, butters and lye mix up rather nicely.  And it makes quick work of that part too.

Then I have a good mold to pour the soap batter into to rest and saponify.  Molds come in many different shapes and sizes.  I prefer to use log molds.  I do have several others that I use on a whimsy, or for overflow when my soap batter is more than my molds will hold for a certain batch.  A good soap cutter is also a must.   I make a lot of soap, so I need something to hold the soap while it cures.  I use cardboard boxes.  These are just the necessities to measure and make the soap.

There are a few what I call luxuries, and for me that was my bakers rack.  I use this to hold the soap molds while the soap is saponifying.  Then I use it to hold my soap as it’s curing for the first few days.  Other luxuries would be heavy duty metal oil warmers and lye tanks.  I see those in my future…

I hope this gave you a quick look at all the tools that I use.  Most of the same ones used in my kitchen.  Soap making is like cooking.  But as my son will tell ya, I make better soap than I cook.  Be sure to check out our soaps.

Until next time, Blessings and Bubbles,