Cutest Little Helper

Hey Yall, I had a cutest little helper in the studio this week.

My Grandson

My Grandson

While I was wrapping and packing up all of our smell goodies, aka soaps, this little helper was smelling everything.  And I mean everything.  He would pick up a soap, smell and say “pretty”.  Then he proceeds to unpack all that I had packed up.  Lol, nothing like having to do double the work.  But I gotta tell ya, I was loving it and enjoying every minute.  Ya know it warms my heart that my cutest little helper thinks his Memaw’s soap smell “pretty”.

Now keep in mind this little helper is only 2 years old…but smart…awe come on, what grandparent doesn’t think their grandchild is smart…tehehe, cause you know they are.  But anyway, while we were out shopping at Whole Foods, he picks up a block of cheese and says “soap”.  I had to laugh, it really was too cute.  Of course my soap looks much prettier than a block of cheese, but you get the picture, it was the size and shape.

Anytime I get in a new shipment of essential oils, he’s always asking to smell.  Especially if he sees me smelling them.  And ya know I have to smell them all before restocking the supply cabinet.  So you can rest assured, that the soap you buy has been approved by the cutest little helper.

Until next time, Blessings and Bubbles,