Sandy EngelsHey Y’all! I’m Sandy Engels, a true Southern girl with a bit of sass, wisdom, and rebel!  I have been married to my best friend and motorcycle riding buddy, Jae, for over 30 years.  Yeah right, I know I am not old enough to be married that long….but I have! We have 2 wonderful children and 1 awesome little grandson.  Just like many Southern gals, we live in the country with 1 loyal bloodhound, numerous cats, seasonal hummingbirds, a few ducks, and my purple motorcycle (that’s my rebel; it’s a huge bike for a little thing like me!).

As a child, I always wanted to make soap.  Seeing the scraps of soap laying around in the bathroom, I knew I could make them into “new” soap.  So, one day I got a glass jar (I don’t recommend glass in the bathroom) and started putting the scraps in and adding warm water.  As it cooled and aged, it turned into a gel.  I would use my “newly” made soap to bathe!  And to think I knew nothing about making soap or recycling way back then.  Sometimes, I would sneak into the bathroom with a sharp knife (I don’t recommend sharp knives in the bathroom either), and cut a full bar of soap mama had bought just so I had something to work with.  It was fun, and I truly enjoyed that fact that I had “created” something.

Fast forward to adulthood….I LIVE MY PASSION! Purple Sage is a touch of Sass (think purple), Wisdom (that’s the Sage), and Rebel (that’s me, the owner). As a lover of Lavender (another purple connection) essential oil, you will find several blends using Lavender in our line.  We take and blend no less than 3 types of Lavenders to create a truly enjoyable experience.  Our soap bars are southern sassy with colors, swirls, or whatever strikes my rebel fancy!  Each bar is a work of art, and ya just gotta try them all…and find your inner sass.  That’s the fun of using our unique blend of southern sass and my wisdom in soap making over the years.

Soap making has become a stress reliever for me.  Almost as much stress relief as riding my motorcycle.  The process of choosing the oils, butters, clays, essential oils, and fragrance oils, is like choosing which roads I want to ride on…where do I want to go with this soap or that road, the choices are many.  Let our soaps take you to places near and far…come along for the ride, and stay for the relaxation.

Sandy Engels Purple Sage

Isn’t she fabulous!

In addition to hand blended soaps, we make lotions, creams for pain discomfort, foot creams, foaming milk baths, bath fizzies, facial toners, sugar scrubs, room sprays, body sprays, laundry powder, and dishwasher cubes.

~Sandy Engels

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