Lime breaks out with an irresistible explosion in this tropical bouquet, the cleansing tartness of a verbena bringing the coolness, while top notes of tangerine, orange, tangy blackcurrant and tiny kumquat float in on the memories of your mind, the perfect tropical summer awaits you. Offerings of the transparent juice of a coconut water, subtle notes of herbs, soft tropical flowers and exotic fruits all softly layered upon a base of sandalwood, soft vanilla orchids, and delicate white musk. This is the perfect fragrance for casual summer activities; going to the pool, taking a hike, or hanging out with friends at the summer barbeque; you could not find a better fragrance to set your upbeat mood. Non-discoloring, phthalate-free, soaps with ease and a scent that provides longevity.

Authorized rep for Fragrance Laboratory

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