We use the highest grade of 100% Pure Emu Oil. This Emu Oil that exceeds the AEA Certification Standard (American Emu Association) and is made in the USA.

Emu Oil and Lavender Soap

Yep, Emu is a bird, a big bird, not that big bird silly, it is similar to an ostrich.  And the cool thing is they are known for the amazing things the Emu Oil can do for your skin. This is actually my favorite soap we make! Pick up a fabulous bar of bird oil soap and slather it on baby!  I find men especially love soap like this because their skin is moisturized without the extra step of a lotion (although we love lotion too at The Purple Sage!)


But seriously yall, if you’re in need of some serious skin conditioning this is the bar of soap for you.  Using the highest quality Emu Oil, we blend with three Lavenders, toss in some Rose Geranium and a bit of Patchouli…your skin will say aah.  It is a best seller what are your waiting for?!

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Pure White Emu Oil

We have a limited number of 2 ounce bottles of Pure White Emu Oil available. Our new gallon shipment just arrived and we are thrilled with the quality of this oil.

***Note – we are using a cobalt blue bottle now.***

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