Sneaky Snakes

Silly snakeLiving Rural

I live in the country…very rural.  So we have snakes around here from time to time.  Some of them can be sneaky snakes.  They look like sticks…but…they are not.

I have always said, and I know I have been corrected a gazillion times, the only good snake is a dead snake.  Sorry yall, but I just don’t like these creatures.  And having grown up hunting and fishing, you know they are always there.  But my Daddy used to say they don’t bite this month….and that could have been any month…

Running them over

While out on the road, heading to town to run errands today, there was something in the road.  It looked like a stick…but it was a sneaky snake.  So I ran over it and both my daughter and myself went eeewww and raised our feet.  Ya know the hebby gebbys ya get just running over those things…creeps me out.  I asked my daughter if I should go back and make sure…she gave me “that look” and said no.  Wonder if he died?

After that we got to talking about running over snakes and my daughter said she remembered when she was little, her and her brother were in the back seat, that snake that I ran over.  It was slithering across the road and I ran over it.  And we all raised out feet.  But…I stopped and backed over the snake and re ran over it again.  I think I did this 3 or 4 times.  Why?  I don’t know why, other than I wanted to make sure it was DEAD.  Each time I ran over it, either backwards or forwards, we raised out feet.  When it was all done, we all had the hebby gebbys.  For some reason, even in the safety of the car, we got the hebby gebbys over this dead snake.

Now, when I came back home, that snake was not dead in the road, so for today…he lived.  I laughed and told my daughter see, I should have stopped and got him a few times.

Country Girls

So if you are ever out my way, and you see me stopping and backing up on the road a few times…you will know I just killed a snake.  And I made darn sure it was dead.  A country girls gotta do what a country girls gotta do!

Blessings and Bubbles,






Coming out of Hibernataion

This is the time of year that I love!  Spring and Summer…for me the best time of the year.  Why, because everything comes alive…anything from the trees and plants in my yard to people.  Yes, I said people.  I know a few that are like me that would just as well hibernate than have to go thru winter.  Blech!  But it also means that I get a fresh start in my flower beds, especially those that need it.  Otherwise, they are already popping up with sprigs of new growth, ready for my enjoyment.  I do have a few areas that need some work this year.


Spring Project

My children helped me last year, as my Mother’s day gift, to make a bed around the water system.  We pulled the old stones down, washed them up, and this time put them back with some concrete.  That way, they won’t fall or get out of line…if the lawn mower guy (hubby) just happens to get a wee bit to close.  But I miscalculated how much soil to bring to put in there, so it’s kinda lower than I would have liked.  That is one area that needs work…adding more soil.  However, some of my flowers have are already blooming…gonna have to work around that.  But it’s all good, I’ll be playing in the yard, and that makes me happy…playing in the yard and flowers blooming.  And ya know that sounds like paradise to me…well, that and the beach.

Beach Time

What beach?  ANY beach!  As long as there is sand and water, it really does not matter.  You can sit on the beach and in your mind, just get away…listening to the ocean coming in and going out.  Now, that’s what I call relaxing…oh, wait, I forgot…I sometimes like to have a margarita in my hand….and then it’s done.  Life just does not get any better, at least for me.  When was the last time you just sat and enjoyed the beach, one of God’s awesome creations?  Been trying to convince my girlfriends that we need a few day get away.  Doesn’t have to be far or for very long…just the idea of going away relaxes the mind…lol, until you start to think about the planning and packing….but we will save that till the last…when we have to get it done.  So for now…just let your mind drift away, and hear that ocean sound….


So do you have any spring/summer projects that you will be working on?  I know I will be sprucing up my flower beds, and adding a few elements of whimsy and another bed around the veranda.  Oh, I’ll be sure to post pictures, of my fabulous water fountain that I will have just off the veranda.  Gonna be lovely when I finish…at least in my head it will be.

Blessings and Bubbles,



New Man in My Life

My new Man

My new Man

Well, I NEVER thought I would be writing this.  I have a new man in my life.  Anyone that really “knows” me, knows I don’t do babies.  I could not wait for mine to get past the “so dependent baby stage”.  Wishing their first 6 months away…I just was not born with that gene that says I LOVE babies…I don’t and both my children know that.  I have not kept it a secret from anyone.  So, I now have a 8 month old grandson.  A precious little man, that I have the privilege of keeping, while my daughter goes back to college and finishes getting her degree.


My daughter asked me to be in the delivery room with her, and I was.  Without getting to graphic, it was awesome and scary to be on the other side.  Watching someone you love with all your heart, giving birth.  Strange, yet comforting, and did I say scary?  Watching my daughter, being such a trooper, made me proud.  I tried my best to raise a strong woman, and I praise God, I think I did.  I have to say, neither of my children came out cone head.  But this child did, and it scared the HELL out of me.  The doctor was amazing and kept reassuring me, that it was perfectly normal.


I will not lie and tell you it was love at first sight…for me, it really wasn’t.  I have had to work hard to get over the fact that it was a baby.  I know I will look back on this time and cherish it.  But it has been hard.  My daughter has stayed at our home during the initial recovery.  And now that she is back in school, stays here most of the time.  So, I get to see this little man grow up, on a daily basis.  Stressful, yes, that goes without saying.  My children are 25 and 22.  I have not been around babies in over 20 years….remember I don’t do babies….so it has been a challenge.  Oh, and did I mention that I raised a strong woman…so 2 very strong headed women in the same house with somewhat different ways of doing things….nuff said.


Fast forward to today, 8 months later, there really is a new man in my life.  I am starting to enjoy watching him.  That smile….oh, that smile when he sees me…his little face just lights up.  Can you tell he is melting my heart…yep, I think so.  I feed him and change him.  Then I get to steal ALL his sugars…I kiss his soft warm head, many times during the day.  If I’m holding him, I’m kissing his head.  It’s so soft and warm…makes ya just wanna put your lips on him and kiss him.  Then there’s the playful loud kissies…you know the ones we all make, and it makes him scrunch up his neck and that makes me want to do it more.


Gonna be hard to keep up with the little one, as soon as he starts walking everywhere.  Yep, I think I’m gonna like this being a MeMaw…I know my heart is melting already…what’s it gonna be like when he actually calls me his MeMaw….hmmm, I don’t know.  But I do know, I’m have a new man in my life, and he is more special that I ever would have imagined.  And I know, now that makes me special…I’m a grandmother…aka MeMaw.

Blessings and Bubbles,


Trickle Down Effect

Pond with BaileyI am not sure where to start, but I need to get this out…we live in a very small community, the mail route is big, but the actual community is not.  We also live on a gravel road that has only 24 lots, so there is roughly 24 families here.  The road goes past my house and makes a circle and comes back out…sorta a dead end.  In the bigger cities, they call it a cul de sac…we call it a circle.

Maybe there’s something to this circle meaning…today, I am just not sure.  Today is Tuesday, let’s turn back the time to Sunday…everyone I know was busy getting on with their lives.  But sadly 2 of my neighbors were not…you see someone decided it was time for them to die.  This person, this animal of the human being species, for whatever reason…and the reason we may never know, went in and shot and killed my neighbors, just 2 doors down.  This couple was in their early 50’s…way too young to die.

This tragedy has had a profound trickle down effect on more people than I could EVER have imagined.  You see, it may not have affected me “personally”, but it has affected me and my family.  First off, our safety bubble has been popped.  Since we don’t know if it was random or specific target, it could happen again…safety bubble gone…we are now locking EVERYTHING!  We have never locked our cars, hubby’s shop or my studio…now all the windows have been checked and locked the cars are locked, and the shop and studio are locked.  The outside security light that has been out for over a year, will be fixed, ASAP.  The house alarm system that we have not used in over 15 years…is being used.  Getting keys made so that we can use the dead bolts again.

The effect is hubby took vacation so that my daughter and I would not have to stay home alone at night so soon after this tragedy.  This effects other guys and their families since someone has to fill in for my hubby.

The effect is I have had acquaintances call me or post on Facebook, asking if I was ok.  Some just called to hear my voice.  My drive thru teller at the Credit Union called to make sure we were ok.  All worried after what was on the news.  Funny how you would expect closer family and friends to call, but some have not…hmmm…

The effect is my daughter has not come home since she heard about the murders.  She is freaked out…this is effecting her school work and ability to study to finish her finals.  The effect is it also means other young ladies are having to hear about this and help her to cope.

The effect is my dog has NOT left my side.  My dog will now be sleeping inside at night and for a long time to come.

The effect is I am now carrying a gun when I go out at night to work in my studio.  The effect is stealing my joy of living in the country, and not having to worry about such stuff.

The effect is this down right just sucks the life out of you.  How in the world do you stop thinking about it…how?   How…?  You talk about what you CAN change, what you CAN do so that it does not happen to you.  You MAKE the necessary changes to try to reestablish your safety bubble.

I’m very concerned about my daughter.  We were supposed to go on vacation soon…was going to Key West Florida to check off a few things on my bucket list…oh, gosh, can’t help but think what if that would have been us, what if our daughter came home to find us shot?  I can’t dwell on the what if’s…but that is what is consuming my thoughts and my time.  I am not a worrier by nature…but this has shocked and shaken my world.

God help us….

Blessings and Bubbles,


I am a Compulsive Lyer

Lavender Oats & Honey With Calendula

Lavender Oats & Honey with Calendula

I am a compulsive lyer, I confess.  Hello, my name is Sandy, and I am a compulsive lyer.  There I said it, for all the world to see.  You see it all started over 10 years ago when I found a simple thing called sodium hydroxide, also known as caustic soda….but me and my friends, we just call it lye.

You have to become a compulsive lyer to make soap.  I love to make soap, so I have been called a lyer.  It’s ok, once you get to know me, you won’t mind calling me a lyer.  You will actually think it’s a wonderful thing…my lying.  Oh, the things I can do while lying….now get your mind out of the gutter and think about what I do, what I love, what my passion is…I quite simply make soap.  Soap you ask?  Why soap?  I say yes soap, and why not.  Soap is good for a lot of things.  Things like taking the days grime off your body, removing make up from your beautiful face, cleaning your hands, and in that process leaving you clean and kissable all over.  Soaps can also smell divine…so divine you might want to eat them, but please don’t.  It would be like when your mama washed your mouth out for saying a “dirty” word….pun intended.  Ha, I kill me sometimes.  Soaps can also make your lingerie draw smell wonderful, in fact, I use some of my scraps just for that.

Soaps can be multi-functional as I have mentioned.  My hope is you won’t look at that pretty bar of soap the same way again.  I want you to use and enjoy the labor of my love, my passion.  Won’t you join me on my soaping journey?

Blessings and Bubbles,


Getting Caught



Ok, so I have been known to have a heavy foot while driving.  Yeah, what that means is I like to um, drive fast, and be out front.  Sometimes faster than the “legal” speed limit.


I don’t know just this thing I have had since I was a kid.  Mama would stay in the right lane to get off the interstate a few exits before our exit.  Sitting in the front seat it would drive me nuts…why not gas it and just go around the slow pokey people?  But she never did.  And the sad part is she is not here for me to ask her such a silly question….why?  So this is all before I was driving…can you see where this is leading?


Fast forward to about 7 years….I am a “grown woman” and married.  I love to drive.  I drive everywhere I can.  So, I decide since hubby is working for the weekend I’m going to Grand Isle and see my Daddy.  This is about a 3 hour drive and I will go through several small towns…with speeding traps.  I’m flying along minding my own business going through one of these towns, and BAM I get pulled over for speeding…yep, I was.  Back then, and I’m probably telling my age, they took your license when they gave you a ticket.  So being the Southern Sassy Rebel (aka…hot head) that I am, I took the ticket and sped off to my destination.


I finally get to Grand Isle, spend the weekend on the beach…sun, sand and water…just how I like it.  Went deep sea fishing with my Daddy and just had a grand time.  Now, it time to pack it up and go home.


Well…a few smaller towns down the road…yep, you guessed it, I get pulled over again…for speeding.  So, the officer asks for my license and I have to hand him the little stub from my other ticket…yeah, you can imagine the look on his face.  Since it was less than 2 days before.  So, I had no license to give him…but he gave me a ticket and another stub!  How nice of him.  And I sped off again…really ticked that he even gave me another ticket…2 in 1 weekend…how am I going to tell hubby?  Yikes!


Fast forward…and I have probably had my fair share of speeding tickets.  Yes, I still like to drive fast…there’s just something about listening to your favorite music and driving…um, fast.  So, I probably haven’t had a speeding ticket in over 10 years…at least….until today….I’m driving along minding my own business…jamming to some awesome music, headed to town to run errands.  Now, I know this area of the Hwy does occasionally have radar…aka speed traps.  Most of the time when I go through there, I can sense that I need to slow down and I do.  I almost always listen when my “gut” tells me something like that.  Well either it wasn’t speaking or I wasn’t listening to well.  All of a sudden this officer steps out into my lane of travel and points for me to pull over…WHAT?  Oh, shoot, so I usually cop and attitude which really does me no good…so I quietly pull out my registration, insurance card and license.  Trying not to open my mouth, looking hard at this officer.  I had my sunglasses on, so he couldn’t see my eyes, if he would have, they would have burned right through him, LOL.  Wish he couldn’t have seen my mouth, cause I wanted to just stick my tongue out at him!


So, yep you guessed it, after over 10 years of not getting caught speeding…I did today.  Kinda made me mad, but in reality, I have no one to blame but myself…for driving faster than the speed limit…but dang it, the road was open and this area the speed limit really is just too slow.  Now to find out how much the damage is in fines…blech!  I know, I’ll just do it again…lol, um, cause I was even after the ticket…don’t hate me cause I’m a rebel…

Blessings and Bubbles,


New Website, New Store, Same Great Products

Patchouli Natural Soap

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